Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pretty dress from Mexico

When Grandma J went to Mexico last year she brought back this very pretty dress for Emily. I tried to get Emmy to pose for me but she was too busy to stop whatever she was doing. So I got some really cute random shots of her instead.
She doesn't look very happy in this one but it shows off the dress.

She was trying to get a sticker off the bottom of her foot.

Lookin' cute with her blankie. Notice the look Sally is giving her..she gets that look alot from Sally. It's the "are you bothering me again" look.

She likes to color now.

She is wanting a snack. She kept crying, "wish, wish". In Emmy talk that is "fish, fish" which is what she calls her fruit snacks. Doesn’t she just look pathetic, like we never feed her or something?


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