Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mrs. Snowy's Food

Written by Emily Monroe
Illustrated by Emily Monroe

Title: "Mrs. Snowy's Food"
Author/Illustrator: Emily D. Monroe
Grade: Kindergarten
School: MCS Room/Class: Mrs. Whitworth

This book is dedicated to
My Mommy,
My Daddy
and my baby brother Joshua

Mrs. Snowy's Food

Once upon a time there was a polar bear named Snowy, and she had a lot of food. She had peanuts. She had grapes. She had apples. She had fish and she had oranges.

Mrs. Snowy went to the store because she needed more food. She was running late because she stopped to look at flowers. She had to go to the store and get milk, peanut butter and eggs to make a peanut butter cake. She realized, once she was home with the food, that she did not have to buy those things. She went back to the store and bought a cake already made.

While Mrs. Snowy was at the store, Mr. Penguin and his baby came to her house and took her fish.

Mrs. Snowy came back and said, "Oh no, my fish are gone!" Snowy kept a good eye on the rest of her food.

While she slept that night, Mrs. Walrus and Mr. Otter, who were husband and wife, snuck in and took her cake. The next morning a cub named Darling snuck in before Snowy woke up, and she took the peanut butter, eggs, milk and grapes. Then, Mrs. Werewolf also snuck in and took Snowy's apples, oranges and peanuts.

Mrs. Snowy woke up. She found that she did not have any food. She looked everywhere for her food. But she did not want to look in other people's houses because she did not want to disturb them. She started to get mad.

Snowy told her friends about the stealing but they did not tell her it was them who had stolen the food. Her best friend, Darling Cub, did not want her to be upset. She gave back the peanut butter, milk, eggs and grapes. She gave money to Mrs. Snowy and said, "I am sorry for stealing your food." Mrs. Snowy said, "That is alright." She felt delightful that Darling Cub told the truth. Darling Cub told her the others had stolen her food too. She was not delighted they had done that.

The next day Mrs. Snowy woke up with a bellyache. It felt like she was kicked. She went to the hospital and found out she was going to have a baby girl. They told her to drink milk because babies need milk and like milk. She thought about her stolen food and told a nurse. The nurse said, "You should talk to the little cub and the others and tell them you know who stole the food."

Mrs. Snowy called her friends together and asked her friends about the food. They said they did not do it. Snowy said, "Tisk, tisk, tiskā€¦ I think it was you." Darling Cub said, "It was you." There was silence.

Mrs. Werewolf walked up and gave back the food she had stolen. Walrus and Otter said, "We will give you back your food." Baby Penguin said, "I will give you my fish back, but we will not have any food left if daddy gives back the fish he took." Mrs. Snowy said, "I will let you keep the fish you took and the fish your daddy took because you don't have any food." Mr. Penguin felt happy and said, "Thanks for giving us food. I will give you money when I have some." "No I don't need any money", said Snowy.

They all hugged. All of her friends were now friends again. Then Snowy noticed she was going to have a special thing happen that day. It was time for her cute little baby girl.


About the Author

I am six years old. I have a baby brother.

I love mommy and daddy.

I like daddy's stories, playing, putting on shows and ice cream.

I wrote this story for the Young Authors Conference. I like to tell and hear stories.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emily's first hair cut (trim)

Scissors touched Emily's hair for the first time today. She only had a little bit trimmed off the ends. I think it was about 1.5 to 2 inches in some places. You have to look really close or you can't even tell she got it cut. She was so soon as we walked in the door she told Mr. Mark..."I'm only going to get the ends trimmed off...nothing else." She did really good sitting still too.





Emily with Mr. Mark.

Friday, August 21, 2009

First day of preschool

Emily's first day of preschool is today. As soon as she woke up she started asking if it was time to go to school yet. Her class doesn't start until noon so it was a long morning for her. When it was finally time to go she just couldn't stop smiling. She is getting to be such a big girl. (sniff sniff)

Emily with her teacher Ms. Martha.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Emily singing

Blog....what's a blog...

Sorry it's been so long since I have posted anything. I have been posting to Facebook and kinda forgot about this blog. Now that Rob's mom is moving to Fairfield I guess I'm going to have to do a better job on this thing.

Anyway, here's a cute video of Emily singing the 12 Apostles song that her Daddy taught her. Rob's mom taught it to him when he was little.

The last line of the song is "following the Masters call" I realize it sounds like something else. ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I like to shop alone

This is why I like to go shopping by myself. Of course I had my back to Emily because I was paying for my shirt. I turned around when the sales lady starting laughing and pointing behind me. So my first thought was where is my camera. She cheesed it up for me then yelled that she was stuck. Again....this is why I should shop alone!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our "melted" house after Disney

On the plane ride home from Disney, Rob and I were discussing how nice it was going to be to go home to our already Christmas decorated house. We were going to sit in the living room with all the lights off except for our tree. Instead....we came home to a house that was...are you ready for this.....144 degrees!! Can you believe it? Our thermostat malfunctioned and was running at full blast for we don't know how long. So here we are at 8 o'clock at night trying to cool our house down. We had all the windows and doors open with fans running (mind you it is the middle of Dec. with freezing temps outside). Our wood floors were so hot that Emily couldn't even stand on them. The bathroom had the most damage because it's a small room and the door was shut. The laminate on our vanity and linen closet peeled off in places and our shower surround melted off the walls. Since we had already decorated for Christmas we had lots of candles out too and they all melted. The jar candles weren't so bad is was the loose ones that caused the problems. My ceramic Winnie the Pooh village and our Nativity scene were all stuck to the top of our entertainment center with wax. Weeks later we were still finding "melted" things around the house. So instead of coming home and relaxing after our long vacation we were up until about midnight cleaning and cooling off.

So while Rob was cleaning up I took some pictures. I didn't even think to take of of the thermometer until we had cooled the house down to a "cool" 124 degrees.

A jar candle in our bedroom.

These 2 candles were both in the basement right above our computer. Luckily all of our electronic stuff was not harmed.

It's kind of hard to tell i this picture, but this candle (and 5 others just like it) used to be about 1 1/2 inches think. I had them lined up along the front of the entertainment center. When they melted it went all the the top of the entertainment center and also down the back covering the TV and the shelf it was on.

This was my lovely shower surround. We were already in the planning stages of replacing it but this made us do it much faster. In the top picture you can see how it pulled away from the wall and cracked.

For me this was one of the scariest things. These are the blinds in Emily's room. I'm pretty sure that had we been gone a day or two more we may have come home to a burned down house.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here's some pictures from Emily's 3rd birthday party.
(8 months later....but who's counting?)

She had lots of fun at her Disney Princess party.