Saturday, February 10, 2007

Super Bowl

Well, even though our Bears didn’t win we still had a good time together. Rob, Emily and I went over to Grandma Glenna’s house to watch the game. Uncle "Chippy", Aunt Lisa, Clayton and Maddie Moo were all there too. There was a whole lot of orange and blue goin’ on there. The kids had fun playing together while Robbie and Jamie really got into watching the game. You never know…maybe they’ll win it next year.

Emmy getting ready to cheer on the Bears.

The first thing she did when we got there was grab a book for Uncle Chippy to read to her.

Emmy and Maddie Moo playing with a Bears flag.

I looks like they're doing a cheer but they are really singing Patty Cake (they are rolling the cake here)

The 3 youngest Bears fans in the house eating cake.

What?? They is that possible.

Clayton, Emily and Madison being silly.

Enjoying a book with Grandma Glenna.


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