Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Poor Baby Girl

Thursday night Emily fell against a shelf at Grandma's house. She hit it just at the right angle to push one of her teeth back up into her gums. Now the whole left side of my girl's face is swollen and I'm pretty sure she's going to get a black eye too. So yesterday she had to take her first trip to the dentist. She did much better than I thought she was going to do. She didn't really like getting the x-ray taken but she got over it pretty quick. She is such a trooper...she is still her wild and crazy self running and playing everywhere. I just don't know how she does it. I'm such a baby when I get hurt but she just goes with the flow. I guess she just doesn't want to miss out on having any fun.
Here she is trying to give me one of her "cheesy smiles". If you look closely you can see where her tooth is missing. (right next to her front tooth)


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