Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trip to the zoo

Emily and I went to the zoo last week with Aunt Julie and Kevin. It was our first trip without the stroller and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Emmy did. The one problem we had was that her jean skirt was too big and kept slipping down past her bottom. We kept pulling it up but sure enough as soon as she would take a couple of steps it was down again. Luckily I had an extra outfit in her diaper bag so we changed clothes after about a half an hour. Other than that little snafu we had a great time.I LOVE this picture.~~She's watching a butterfly.
Emily, Aunt Julie and Kevin learning about butterflies.
Skirt falling down below her bottom.
She's trying to pull her skirt up by herself.
Outfit #2~~I'm not sure why she has this expression but I call it her "monkey face".
Watching the chimp eat treats.

Emily and the hairless Chimp.


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