Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day at the Zoo

On Monday we went on our annual Memorial Day outing with the Walter's family. Debbie Shrewsberry and Michael Nickerson joined us this year also. We had lots of fun at the zoo in the morning, a nice long nap in the afternoon and then a BBQ at the Walter's house that evening. It was a full day but a whole lot of fun. Emily really enjoyed playing with the big kids. She followed them everywhere. I see some good babysitters in Emily's future. Zach, Ryan, Corey, Michael, Ashley, Emily and Emily waiting to go in the zoo.

Emily and Mr. Joe in the penguin house. (Nope...that's not a real penguin she's touching)
Emily and girl was being a real bugger when it came to getting her picture taken.
This is the only picture of her smiling that day. I don't know if it was Daddy or the Ape who made her happy. ;)


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