Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Elissa & Jared's wedding

Rob's cousin, Elissa, got married this past weekend. They were brave enough to ask Emily to be in the wedding. They actually had a total of 6 two year olds in the wedding. WOW!! All in all everything went well. Emily was really excited that she got to wear a pretty princess dress and ride in a wagon. Clayton was a Jr. Usher in the wedding and it was his job to pull Emily down the aisle. Madison was also in the wedding as a Jr. Bridesmaid. Elissa and Jared make a wonderful couple and they had a beautiful wedding.
Emily really liked holding the bridesmaids flowers. That is Rob's cousin, Matthew, in the picture. He is the brother of the bride.I tried to get a picture of the entire wedding party but it was so big. The little girls are waiting patiently for the little boys to stop crying.Madison was a beautiful Jr. Bridesmaid.
Clayton was very handsome in his tux and Emily loved riding in the wagon.

This is the mother of the bride, Rob's Aunt Lyndal.

Elissa and her father, Jerry, making their way down the aisle.

Emily was so excited to be one of the Miniature Brides. When she put her dress on she said, "look just like Elissa."


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