Monday, August 25, 2008


Back in December my mom took all of us (my sister & her family too) to Disney World and on the Disney cruise. We had a wonderful time. We kept very busy the whole time and it was very tiring but we had a blast. Emily LOVED meeting all the characters and she liked some of the rides. Dumbo was her favorite and she absolutely hated the Snow White ride. The title of the ride really should have given me a heads up "Snow White's Scary Adventure". But she loves the movie so we thought she would like the ride too. WRONG!! Peter Pan was also a little too much for her. But after those two traumatizing rides she had a great time.
She had a lot of firsts this trip...riding on a airplane, riding in a limo, Disney world, Disney Cruise, playing in the ocean and sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy. That last one was the one thing I said I would never let her do but it was the only way we could get her to sleep while we were gone. Luckily when we got home she went right back to her own bed without any problems at all. WHEW.
We had a great time and we look forward to going back again in about 4 years when Emily will be big enough to go on the roller coasters with Daddy.

MGM Studios in our matching lime green shirts. I wasn't so sure about the shirts at first but we got lots of great comments from everyone, even the characters. So once again my Mom has great ideas!!

June & Quincy from the Little Einsteins.

Annie & Leo from the Little Einsteins.

Buzz infinity and beyond!!

Katy, Kevin & Emmy with Woody.

Sully from Monsters Inc.

The whole gang with Lighting McQueen. If you look closely Emily is not at all happy in the picture because the car was running and it scared her.

Hey look..we met Neal Patrick Harris aka Doogie Houser.

The things I will do for my girl. I get motion sick really easy and I can't do circles (even the merry go round makes me sick) But she wanted me to ride Dumbo with her so of course I couldn't say no. I even let her move the handle so we could go up and down as much as she wanted.

Yep...I was one of the crazy Mom's who cried when their daughter met the princesses. I really wish you could have seen the look of awe when she saw them and got to talk to them.

Snow white was her favorite.

Alice in Wonderland

Peter Pan and Wendy

Captain Hook

Lilo & Stitch


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