Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hey better late than never right?!? Anyway I'm finally posting Emily's Halloween pictures. As you can see she was Cinderella. We had a busy night that night. We started out by going to my sister's church for their "Trunk or Treat". Emily wasn't so sure of it at first but when she realized she would get candy from every car she loved it. We then went to our church for the "Fall Fun Fest". She didn't like it at all. I'm pretty sure she was just overwhelmed by everything and everyone there. She didn't want to do anything at all there (even Grandma Glenna's room) so we left to go Trick or Treating with the Walter's family. Just let me tell you that Emily LOVED that. She had no problem at all going up to a stranger's house to ask for candy. She would also ask them if they had a dog and then try to go into their house. Oh well...at least she got 2 buckets of candy.

What princess would be complete without a pink Pooh blankie?
Emily and Grandma Glenna.

Emily didn't even know this little girl but she wanted to get her picture taken with Snow White.

This is Emily with her friend Alissa.

Trick or Treating

Give her a little sugar and she perks right up!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My little rock star

Emily likes to pretend that she is a rock star. Grandma Glenna has a little guitar at her house that Emmy loves to play with. She puts on mini concerts for me. She'll walk over to me with the guitar and she'll say, "I'm going to sing a song....a song about Joe." Then she will play her guitar and sing a silly song about our dog Joe. Of course I have to clap and cheer for her when she's finished. (She also sings about our other dog Sally and just about anything else she happens to be thinking about at the time.) She will then tell me to either raise my hands in the air or nod my head when she sings. I'm not sure where she picked this up from but it really is like being at a rock concert. A few weeks ago she added a new thing for me to do. She looked and me and told me to "scrunch up my nose" (I really don't know where she gets this stuff). She had me cracking up. I asked her if this was her "rock star face" and she told me that it was. So now every time I ask her so show me her rock star face this is what she looks like. I like how she even raises her arm in the air. Yep...she's hardcore.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

We had lots of fun carving our pumpkins last weekend. At first Emily just wanted to color hers but then she saw us carving ours and she changed her mind. She also has this new thing when I take her picture...she always looks to the side. I'll tell her that she has to look and me so she will until the very last minute then BAM....sideways looks. I'm pretty sure it's a control thing for her. There's not a lot you can control when you're two so you control what you can.

Okay...sometimes sideways can be really cute!!
I finally asked her..."please Emmy...just look at me and give me your pretty smile and I won't take anymore pictures." That seemed to work like a charm. ;)
Mommy, Emmy, Daddy and Big Dave