Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Little Mermaid

We went swimming at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chippy's house on Tuesday night. Emmy loves being in the water. She is really starting to get brave too. Her favorite thing right now is to stand on the stairs and jump to me. She also likes to "swing" from the stairs (you'll see what I mean in the last picture.)
She really liked riding on Uncle Chippy's back.

Grandpa Kenny's Birthday

My dad's birthday was this past weekend so we took him out to eat at Bandanas. Emily just loves spending time with Grandpa Kenny, she was on his lap almost the entire time. The rest of the time she was trying to run around the restaurant like a wild child. We had cupcakes with little baseball hats on them and Emmy really liked playing with hers. She would put it on her head then pretend to sneeze it off. She was really cracking herself up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day

Here's Emmy with her Daddy on Father's day. She wanted to be a big girl and stand next to Daddy for her picture. She is really growing up too fast. We made Daddy a picture collage using a bunch of pictures of Daddy and Emmy together and we also gave him a Johnny Cash double feature DVD. I think he had a pretty good day. Just for fun I posted pictures of the last 2 Father's Days also.

Father's Day with Grandpa Kenny

We had lunch at the park with my dad for Father's day. It was incredibly hot but we all had a good time. Emily loves getting to spend time with her extended family. However trying to get a picture of everyone together is a whole different you can see in the following pictures.

You can't tell by this picture but Emmy loves playing with Uncle Cody.

Madison's dance recital

Last week we went to Madison's dance recital. She looked beautiful as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I tried to take some pictures of her when she was dancing but they turned out too dark. Emily had lots of fun watching all the dancers. She is very excited that she gets to start taking dance classes when she turns 3 years old.
Madison, Emily and Clayton.

Swinging with Grandpa

Emily and I had lunch with my dad about a week ago. After lunch we went to the park to play. Swinging is once again one of Emmy's favorite things to do. She won't sit in the "baby swing" anymore...she's a big girl now so she only wants to use the "big girl" swing. She has no fear when she on there...she always wants to go higher and higher. She had lots of fun when Grandpa was pushing her.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Doggie Edition

We finally got the dogs shaved yesterday. The poor things were just miserable in this heat. Plus they were both matted really bad. We've had them shaved before but it's been a really long time. So Emily has never seen them this way before. Sally still looks similar because she still has long hair on her face. Joe however had to be completely shaved so he looks like a totally different dog. Emily was so funny when she first saw them. She looked at Joe and said, "look Mommy a black puppy." I told her it was Joe and she said "No, it's a black puppy." It took quite some time to finally convince her that it really was him. Then she was really sad and kept saying, "Emmy wants her big puppies back." But now that it's a new day she's okay with the whole thing. Enjoy the before and afters.

Now you can see why Emily was so confused.