Thursday, March 29, 2007

Riding in the car

Here's a couple of pictures of Emmy enjoying her car rides. Now that the weather is so nice we have been go, go, going.
Here she is kicked back with her "small" cherry icee. Yep...gotta teach 'em when they're still young to like the "Castle"

She is helping Baby Lindsey sing along with Elmo.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

She wants to be just like Daddy

Yesterday Emily was happily coloring in her coloring book on the floor. Since she was entertaining herself I decided it would be a good time to catch up on my reading. So I wasn't paying real close attention to what she was doing. You really would think that I should know better by now. Anyway, I happened to look up and this is what I saw. When I asked her why she colored on her face she said "Emmy have beard like Daddy." She was pretty proud of herself. Luckily it wiped off easily with a wet wipe.

What a fun Daddy!

Since it was such a beautiful day, we went to park again after church on Sunday. Emmy wasn't really dressed for it but she had lots of fun anyway. She really liked it when Daddy got on the plane with her.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A nice day to play outside

I took these pictures the day before Emmy got sick. (She is just about back to normal now thank goodness.) It was about 75 degrees outside so we had to take advantage of that. This is also the first time she used sidewalk chalk. She thought it was really cool that we could draw on the ground.

I got this Little Tikes table at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $8. It has been sitting in our basement this whole time. It is the perfect size for her now. We even ate lunch out here that day.

A cool playhouse from Katy

Cousin Katy was very generous when she gave Emmy this really cool playhouse. This is her favorite thing to play with outside. These are the pictures of her playing in it for the first time.

She is telling me to go to the other window.

Fun at the park

A couple of Sunday's ago the weather was so nice we went to the park after church. We had a nice lunch and then played and fed the ducks. Our friend Patric went with us. Emmy really likes playing with Pat. She sounds so cute when she wants him to do something with her. She always says, "come here Patchup." (rhymes with ketchup)

She was acting like this was a horse...she kept saying "YeeHaw"

Uncle Chippy's Birthday

Uncle Jamie's birthday was Feb 28. We went over to Grandma's house for dinner, cake and ice cream. WOW!!! That's a lot of candles.
Emmy's lookin' cool in some shades.
Grandma "tied" Maddie up in some left over streamers.
So Maddie got her back by blindfolding her.

Emmy's Sunday School Class

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of subbing in Emily's Sunday School Class. I was actually subbing for the 3 year old class but they ended up combining her 2 year old class with the 3 year olds so I got to be with her. It was kinda fun watching her interact with the other kids.

This is Mr. Mark, one of Emily's teachers. They are "making" peanut and jelly sandwiches.

Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

I meant to post these pictures on Saturday but it's been pretty crazy around here so I just didn't have time. As I posted before...Emily has been sick. She is just now starting to get back to her wild and crazy self. She was down all day Wednesday and Thursday. Friday morning I took her to the doctor and by Friday evening she was starting to perk up again. But then on Saturday she starting throwing up again. So for the last few days she has been surviving on Pedilite, Gatorade, toast and oyster crackers. She did much better throwing up but still some "potty" issues. Trust me you don't want the details on that!!! Hopefully tomorrow she can start slowly on some "real" food. I also have lots more pictures from this last month that I haven't gotten around to posting yet so I'm going to try to catch up this week on those.

I got these oh so cute overalls for Emmy on Ebay. Luckily I took these pictures a week before St. Patty's Day. She wore them for a just a little bit on Saturday morning before she started throwing up again. They are a little big on her so maybe she will be able to wear them again next year.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Watching Elmo

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago. Emmy is so funny when she is watching TV. She just can't stay in one spot for too long (unless she is really tired or sick.) Which she has been for the last 2 days. Poor girl has spent the last day and a half on my lap. She wasn't able to eat anything at all yesterday and anything she would drink came right back up too. So far today she has had a Pedilite Popsicle and a handful of goldfish crackers. So far so good. Hopefully she will be back to her wild and crazy self soon.