Monday, September 17, 2007

My pretty girl

Here's my girl sportin' her Cubs gear. She is so funny. We will ask her, what do you say about the Cubs and she will say "Go Cubs"!! Daddy took this really cute picture before he got her ready for bed.

Labor Day

On Labor Day we went to the History Museum and the Zoo. Emily had lots of fun running and touching everything and we had "fun" chasing her. All in all it was a good day. She loved watching and listening to this fountain outside the History Museum.

Emmy at the Jefferson Memorial.

Daddy getting "trained" at the Children's zoo.

After the animal training show you could make a donation by holding up a dollar bill for a bird to take out of your hand. ~~I can see Aunt Lisa cringing now~~

Emmy in the hippo's mouth.

She did really good walking on this rope bridge.

She really liked walking with this turtle.

She had to squat down and say hi to all goats.

Brushing the goats was fun too.

She thought this goat on the cliff was really funny. She kept telling him to get down.

She loved playing with all the plastic bugs in this sandbox.

Emmy really likes to wear Daddy's sunglasses.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Being silly with Daddy

This is her bug look.

Yep....she definitely has her Daddy's eyes!!

Yogurt Art

See what happens when I walk away from the lunch table to wash my hands!!! She is one creative child that's for sure. There was just enough yogurt left to make this beautiful abstract art piece. Who needs paint and a brush when you have yogurt and a cup???

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Watching Lilo & Stitch

The other day Emmy looked so cute holding her Lilo and Stitch stuffed animals while watching her Lilo & Stitch movie (one of her favorites), I just had to snap some pictures.
Here she is showing Lilo that she is on TV. It was so soon as they showed Lilo, Emmy leaned over to her doll, pointed and said, "they you are baby're on TV) TOO CUTE!!

At the park with Grandma J

We had lunch with Grandma J, Julie and Kevin last week at the park. (Katy couldn't go because she is back in school) Emily loves to swing. She can use the "big girl swing" but she prefers the "baby swing" because she can go higher in it. (Grandma J couldn't watch sometimes because we were scaring her too much.) Grandma J doing double duty pushing Kevin and Emily.

Here she is on the "big girl swing"

I love this face!!!

Kevin and Emmy on a tire swing.