Friday, November 24, 2006

Joe and Sally

Our dogs have such a rough life. This is pretty much what they do all day. That is of course when they are not hiding from Emily.

Sally just started sleeping like is a couple of weeks ago. I think she's trying to get as far away from Emmy as she can.

The Anderson's 20th Wedding Anniversay Party

My Grandpa Anderson and his wife Mary just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Just about all of our family got together to celebrate with them. My Mom’s sister Judy wasn’t able to make it because she lives in California and my sister and her family were on vacation so they couldn’t make it either. We got a great picture of all of us who were there. I think this is the first picture, since their wedding, of all the family together.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Trip to Fairfield

We took a 4-day weekend trip to Fairfield last week and we really enjoyed staying at Great Grandpa "Duck" and Great Grandmother Rickard’s house. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Emily did. She usually doesn’t sleep well if she’s not in her own bed. However she did great, she kept her usual sleep schedule. The only problem we had was the first night when we all tried to sleep in the same room. She woke up around 1 a.m. and she wanted to play. She kept singing her ABC's, counting and talking to herself. I was trying to let her put herself back to sleep but when she saw us I knew it wouldn’t happen. She played by herself for about an hour but then she kept saying, "Hi Mommy" and waving at me so I just couldn’t ignore her anymore. So since she was up I took her to use the potty-chair and when I got back to the room Rob had moved all our pillows and sheets to the smaller room so we could get some sleep. After that we all slept really well.

While we were there we got to visit with both of Rob’s aunts and one of his uncles. We also went to church with Grandmother and Grandpa. Emily just walked right in the nursery like she owned the place and had lots of fun playing with all cool toys they had.

Playing ball with Grandpa Duck.

Sitting pretty with Grandpa.

Dancing with Grandmother and Grandpa Duckie.

More dancing.

Sitting with Aunt Sandra and Broady.

Playing the "ready go" game with Grandpa Duckie and Daddy. (She'll run to Daddy, turn around and say "ready go" then she'll run to Grandpa and do the same thing again. She could do this all day.)

Playing with all the pretty things in Grandmother's yard.

Coming home from church.

Aunt Lyndal came over to play with Emily.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Tree Hugger"

Emily loves trees. She will pick up leaves and sticks from the ground and take them over to a tree and "give them back" to the tree. She likes to hug and kiss trees too. I got a good picture of her hugging one but I had already put the camera away when she kissed it.

Color Accent pictures

My new camera can do some really cool things. The other day when we were playing outside I decided to try out the color accent function. I just choose one color I want to show up in the picture and everything else is in black and white. It worked really well with her burgundy pants and her purple jacket.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Emily dressed up as a ballerina this year for Halloween. I have to admit that she looked pretty darn cute. Our church had a Fall Fun Fest that night so we went up there. I think Emmy was a little overwhelmed because there were so many people there. She wanted to be held the entire time. My dad came with us too. We then went over to Grandma & Grandpa Monroe’s house and had lots of fun. Uncle "Chippy", Aunt "Sa", "Cayton", and "Maddie Moo" were all there too.

Being shy, eating a sucker.

Playing with the pumpkins at church.

Emmy and Grandpa Willtrout.

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa Monroe's house.

She's not being shy anymore.

Emily with Clayton the clown and Madison the bumble bee.

New place to sit

Emily’s new favorite place to sit is on the armrest of the couch. She gets up there and says, "giddy up."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Carving Pumpkins

Emily had lots of fun helping us carve our pumpkins this year. She really liked scooping out the insides and saying "ewwwe" and "yucky".