Friday, April 28, 2006

The many faces of Emily

She was looking pretty cute today so I just had to take some pictures. I know what you’re thinking…when isn’t she cute. But today I thought she was extra cute. I just love all the different smiles she has.


If you look closely you can see Emily is sticking her tongue out when she is concentrating on putting her raisons in the cup. I’m not sure when she started doing this; I just noticed it today. I’m pretty sure this trait runs in my family…right Julie.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yummy lemons

Grandpa Kenny took Emily and me out to lunch today. He wanted to see what she would do with a lemon wedge. The first bite she wasn’t so sure of. I tried to get a picture of her puckered face but she didn’t do it long enough. We thought she would be finished after one bite but she just kept on eating it. And as you can see in the last picture she really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two egg hunts...what a lucky girl

Emily got to go on two different egg hunts this year. Rob’s work had one the week before Easter (this is where the terrifying Easter Bunny was) and then on Easter Day she had another one in Grandpa and Grandma Monroe’s back yard. What a lucky girl she is. I missed the one at Hortia because I was in Gatlinburg for a Women of Joy conference. So it was lots of fun for me to watch her at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

She loved putting the "balls" in the bucket.

Look what I got.

Just hanging out with Gabriel and Carter.

Back it up bunny...that's close enough!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What is that girl wearing?

Like I said...this girl loves to eat cake :)

What?!? Is she really wearing a Cardinals shirt? Yes but I can explain. Really I can. We were at Clayton’s birthday party last night and I forgot to bring a bib (nothing new about that). So Aunt Lisa said that she could wear one of Madison’s shirts over her outfit so it wouldn’t get messy. Little did I know what she would be bringing out. I figured it would be okay because she was only going to get it messy anyway. We wouldn’t want to do that to a Cubs shirt now would we. ;)

Now this is what she was really wearing. You have to admit it looks much better than that crazy ol’ Cardinals shirt. GO CUBS!!

Hey Emmy...Did you comb your hair with a pillow??

Emily woke up this morning with some pretty crazy hair. I guess that will happen when you don’t take the pigtails out before she goes to bed. Well, I guess you live and learn.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rockie, Rockie, Rockie

I got this rocking horse for Emily last year at a yard sale, put it in the basement and forgot all about it. I only remembered it when Rob made a comment about how we needed to get one for her. So I went downstairs, dusted the poor thing off and Emily has been on it ever since. She just loves "riding" it. When ever she gets on it she rocks and says "rockie, rockie, rockie"

Emily says... "I do my own stunts"

Yep, she's my little dare devil. I tell ya, this girl has no fear but I have more and more everyday. For those of you gasping, don't worry I was within arms reach when she stood up on the horse and she is just fine.

Trip to Fairfield

Our family has many birthdays in April. Last weekend when I was in Gatlinburg Rob’s family got together in Fairfield to celebrate Great-Grandpa Rickard, Clayton & Grandpa Monroe’s birthdays. They had a great time together. One of the pictures is Emily’s Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandmother Rickard. Another one is Emily’s Grandpa Monroe and her 2 cousins, Clayton and Madison. As you can also see…Emily loves cake.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh no...not the Easter Bunny

As you can see, Emily was not very happy about meeting the Easter Bunny. Hopefully the bunny doesn’t feel bad about that because she had the same reaction to Santa Claus.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

More Park Adventures

She had so much fun climbing on the playground. She is such a monkey. I think she even had more fun on the slide this time.

Yesterday Emily got to feed the geese for the first time. Okay, so Mommy and Daddy fed the geese while Emily watched. Of course her new favorite word right now is Duck, so just for her we "fed the ducks".